Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The journey and the first night in Israel

Ok folks, here is a real blog entry for you all!
We started by flying out of Spokane and into Seattle with a couple hours of layover. Nice ,easy flight. Next leg was to Frankfurt, Germany. They do a very good job of making you comfortable for an almost ten hour flight, but it was hard on me. I cramp up pretty easy sitting down for that long of a time making it near impossible to sleep. That and a personal screen on the seat in front of me that would keep shutting off if I tried to watch a movie, and then keep turning on if I was trying to rest. But I did get a fair amount of reading done. The Frankfurt airport is huge, and we had a very long walk to get to our connecting flight with not much time to get there. Then we had to go through Israeli security to get to our gate. Full on pat down, loosen the belt to check the waistband, and hands pulling out every scrap of paper from my pockets. They don't mess around with their safety. From there it was a four hour flight to Tel Aviv. Upon arrival it was a pretty long wait to get through the passport checkpoint, get our group together, claim baggage and then we were free. And there was Pastor Ben and his two teens waiting for us. We are in two different nine passenger vans and riding shotgun, trying to keep Ben's van in sight and navigate the streets of Tel Aviv was pretty exciting. But we made it. Checked into our hotel about a hundred yards from the Mediterranean Sea, and then we were off to take a walk to Joppa, It was a nice, three mile walk with a big meal at the end. We went to a shop that sells only four things, and we were there for the schwarma's. Sort of like a pita, it was stuffed with all kinds of fresh veggies, at least three different kinds of pickled veg, hummus, some kind of spicy sauce, and fresh grilled lamb that they shave off the rotisserie fight in front of you.It was good. We then take a brief tour of Joppa, see some ancient Egyptian ruins, and Simon the Tanners house, or at least the house built over top of his house. This was where Simon had the vision of all the different unclean things coming down on a blanket, And God tells him not to call anything unclean that God has called clean..
Going to add a few picks here and then I have to go

the journey

Monday, October 17, 2016

It has been a long time since I have got to do some major people watching, but here I am, sitting in the Seattle airport waiting to board a plane to Israel. I forget living in a small area how big the world is and how diverse the human race is. Gotta go....

Friday, October 14, 2016

Ok, so I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything here, but I have some new incentive. I'm going to Israel in a couple days and want to leave a record of it here for friends and family to follow. and maybe, just maybe, I'll get back into regular posting after I'm back. That's my goal.So here I'll have some pictures and talk a bit about the travels. If your interested in more of the religious aspect of the journey then I encourage you to follow my other blog at

Thursday, January 3, 2013


  Well, there is going to be a bit of a change here at the Mountain Life. A couple years ago I rededicated myself to Christ and ever since I have been struggling with whether or not to let this part of my life into my blog. Its original intention was to be about family, hiking, foraging, identifying, and things we are doing to (slowly) achieve self-sufficiency. But my life became so much more than that. So much so that I have found it hard to write about those things without bringing some of our spiritual life into it.

  This has been a long hard decision for me, and is part of the reason (along with quite a bit of laziness,) that I haven't had a real posting in so long. I do intend to start a new blog on just spiritual issues in the near future, but never fear, I will keep this one going with its originally stated intentions. And believe me, I have a lot of catching up to do on it.

  But first I need to spend a bit more time on this subject. First off, I have no desire to alienate anyone who follows this blog. I don’t want to cause any division with any friends or family through this, but the hard fact of this is that it can and quite possibly will. But it does not have to be this way. You are more than welcome to accept me as I am and glean what you will from the postings, or, and this is my prayer, that you might be caused to honestly question some things about me or yourself. Indeed, I am more than willing to answer anything through comments, calls, or e-mails.

  And second, I am not doing this out of being in a religion where you are commanded to act a certain way. I have actually found that if you are truly devoted to something (and this can be anything, not just to Christ,) you tend to naturally talk and color your speech with these things. In other words, I am not in the business of offending anyone. I am just being myself with Christ shining though me, and if you take offense, then perhaps you should step back and see just what is being offended in you. I will be more than willing to talk to you about it.

  To close I want to say this, it is hard for me to write something so personal. But I truly feel a need to so that you know who I am. I am not a hiker, or forager. I am a follower of Christ first, then a husband and a father who just happens to enjoy hiking, foraging, cooking, books.......

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back in Action (hopefully)

My laptop is finally back in action! Now all I need is to find the discipline to get back into typing again. I have a lot of posts to finish and many more sitting in my head still. There is part 2 of Learning Leadership, 2 posts on hiking/mountain climbing, one is from Colorado, and the other is a more recent hike from here in Idaho. I have a variety of them on mushrooms that we have found this year, lobsters, chanterelles, and matsutakes to name a few. And hopefully a post or two on our life in general lately.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still Here

Sorry folks. Been off blogger a long time now. My computer has been in the process of dying since around Thanksgiving. I finally downloaded blogger app on my phone yesterday so I could do this post for you all. I am trying to get a new computer right now so I can get back to writing again. Got lots of exciting news for you friends to come soon!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Real Update!

Things are finally starting to come together here at the Coatney household. About three weeks ago we finally got our wood cook-stove hooked up again, after hauling it up here with us from Colorado, having it in storage for almost a year, and then taking up a huge chunk of our mudroom. Well, it is finally in place.
We also spent a good deal of the summer getting our house insulated. Through our remodeling efforts we realized that there was no insulation whatsoever, giving us a big clue as to why our heating bills were so high. So we preceded to tear out all the slat and plaster off the exterior walls, insulate them, and then Sheetrock, mud, texture, and paint them.
During this time we restored the ceilings to their original nine foot height, opening the rooms up a lot more.
I have spent the last two days cutting firewood with friends who have offered their services, really blessing us with a much needed heat supply. I simply cannot go another year without investing in a chainsaw. It is hard having to rely upon others to take care of thing for you.
Last week I had to replace the fuel pump in our suburban for the third time in fourteen months, (I am becoming quite proficient at dropping the gas tank), only to find ou that the sending unit was bad, meaning dropping the tank yet again. Fortunatly my boss, Mike, took pity on me and came by to help me change it out. (I think he actually did most of the work.) Now I just need to replace the tires when I can afford that....
our most current project, (there are actually a lot of them, this is just the most immediate), building a set of bunk beds for the girls, complete with built-in bookshelves and dresser drawers.

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