Friday, April 8, 2011

First Day Out

So after three full of months of slow remodel work on our new home we decided we needed a small break. Our idea was to go out and scout around to see if the morels were doing anything yet but in reality we just needed to get out. Eventually we end up at Green Bay, a semi-remote spot down Sagle Road. It turns out to be a fairly nice day as well, giving us all some of that vitamin D we have been craving.

As far as morels go, we found nothing, about what was expected. but we did find a few other things.

We were amazed to find that our Wood-Ear log that we were harvesting from last year was covered in both old and new specimens! We thought these were just a fall crop, but it turns out that in the right conditions they can grow in the spring. We checked our other Wood-Ear spots to no avail.

I Believe this is Sarcosoma latahensis or the Black Rubber Cup. Very cute and very tiny. I would like to find some of these as they mature more to get a better identification.

This is Gyromitra fastigiata or Thick-stalked False Morel. this is the first time we have seen this little guy. At first I thought it to be the Snowbank False Morel, which we have found lots of back in Colorado, but with a lack of snow and a quick examination it was proved to be the Thick-stalked.

It is so exciting to be able to get out now. Just can't wait for the morels to start popping up!

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