Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The journey and the first night in Israel

Ok folks, here is a real blog entry for you all!
We started by flying out of Spokane and into Seattle with a couple hours of layover. Nice ,easy flight. Next leg was to Frankfurt, Germany. They do a very good job of making you comfortable for an almost ten hour flight, but it was hard on me. I cramp up pretty easy sitting down for that long of a time making it near impossible to sleep. That and a personal screen on the seat in front of me that would keep shutting off if I tried to watch a movie, and then keep turning on if I was trying to rest. But I did get a fair amount of reading done. The Frankfurt airport is huge, and we had a very long walk to get to our connecting flight with not much time to get there. Then we had to go through Israeli security to get to our gate. Full on pat down, loosen the belt to check the waistband, and hands pulling out every scrap of paper from my pockets. They don't mess around with their safety. From there it was a four hour flight to Tel Aviv. Upon arrival it was a pretty long wait to get through the passport checkpoint, get our group together, claim baggage and then we were free. And there was Pastor Ben and his two teens waiting for us. We are in two different nine passenger vans and riding shotgun, trying to keep Ben's van in sight and navigate the streets of Tel Aviv was pretty exciting. But we made it. Checked into our hotel about a hundred yards from the Mediterranean Sea, and then we were off to take a walk to Joppa, It was a nice, three mile walk with a big meal at the end. We went to a shop that sells only four things, and we were there for the schwarma's. Sort of like a pita, it was stuffed with all kinds of fresh veggies, at least three different kinds of pickled veg, hummus, some kind of spicy sauce, and fresh grilled lamb that they shave off the rotisserie fight in front of you.It was good. We then take a brief tour of Joppa, see some ancient Egyptian ruins, and Simon the Tanners house, or at least the house built over top of his house. This was where Simon had the vision of all the different unclean things coming down on a blanket, And God tells him not to call anything unclean that God has called clean..
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the journey


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