Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back in Action (hopefully)

My laptop is finally back in action! Now all I need is to find the discipline to get back into typing again. I have a lot of posts to finish and many more sitting in my head still. There is part 2 of Learning Leadership, 2 posts on hiking/mountain climbing, one is from Colorado, and the other is a more recent hike from here in Idaho. I have a variety of them on mushrooms that we have found this year, lobsters, chanterelles, and matsutakes to name a few. And hopefully a post or two on our life in general lately.


Mrs. Mac said...

Yea .. you surfaced for some blog air ;) Can't wait to read about the mushrooms .. hurry back!

Anonymous said...

You better get to typing then because that laptop left me hanging in Learning Leadership, mushroom hunting and apple picking, and, and, and...
Love you all,

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