Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Real Update!

Things are finally starting to come together here at the Coatney household. About three weeks ago we finally got our wood cook-stove hooked up again, after hauling it up here with us from Colorado, having it in storage for almost a year, and then taking up a huge chunk of our mudroom. Well, it is finally in place.
We also spent a good deal of the summer getting our house insulated. Through our remodeling efforts we realized that there was no insulation whatsoever, giving us a big clue as to why our heating bills were so high. So we preceded to tear out all the slat and plaster off the exterior walls, insulate them, and then Sheetrock, mud, texture, and paint them.
During this time we restored the ceilings to their original nine foot height, opening the rooms up a lot more.
I have spent the last two days cutting firewood with friends who have offered their services, really blessing us with a much needed heat supply. I simply cannot go another year without investing in a chainsaw. It is hard having to rely upon others to take care of thing for you.
Last week I had to replace the fuel pump in our suburban for the third time in fourteen months, (I am becoming quite proficient at dropping the gas tank), only to find ou that the sending unit was bad, meaning dropping the tank yet again. Fortunatly my boss, Mike, took pity on me and came by to help me change it out. (I think he actually did most of the work.) Now I just need to replace the tires when I can afford that....
our most current project, (there are actually a lot of them, this is just the most immediate), building a set of bunk beds for the girls, complete with built-in bookshelves and dresser drawers.


Mr. H. said...

Sounds like you have been very busy, congratulations on your wood stove...wood heat is definitely a nice security against both high electric/fuel costs and the inevitable electrical outages that we often experience in these parts. Best of luck with your truck, I often find myself pulling our old 79 ford apart...can't hardly work on any of the newer vehicles these days but the old ones are still doable...mostly. Bet you have some snow out there by now, gonna be a long winter.

hafiz said...

Congrats on the woodstove! Thats a real blessing.

Mr.H - hope this winter passes soon : )

Mrs. Mac said...

That is great that you have your wood cook stove hooked up. What a great source of comfort knowing you can cook no matter the need/emergency as long as you have a wood pile. Would love to see a pic.

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