Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Snowbank False Morel

We went hiking up V-Rock Trail at the end of Buckles Lake Road this last weekend. Along the way this was found by Thalia.
And here she is displaying her find.

This is a strange yet beautiful fungi named the Snowbank False Morel.The latin or scientific name for this is Gyromitas gigas. Gyromitas literally means round headdress in Greek, while the word gigas is Old English for giant. We were looking hard for this one. We have not seen it for a few years as it is one that you must get out before all the snow has melted in the high country. It grows near patches of snow or where snow was very recently. The edibility is questionable. It is one of those mushrooms that some people love and are fine with, while an almost equal amount of poeple get quite sick from. So obviously we are going to stay away from this one. Below are some photos that show some more clinical views of the mushroom. We are hoping to be able to compile photos of all the mushrooms we find so that we might eventually put together our own guidebook.


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