Friday, April 30, 2010

Flying Home

All right, just thought I would give an update as to how things went in Sandpoint this week. But I suppose first I should explain a bit more of why I was going there in the first place. I said before that I was going to try out for a chef position. Well I feel more freedom to write about this now that it is over. I had driven up to Sandpoint a couple months ago to look at some property and pass out my resume to various restaurants. Not much later I was contacted by the Executive Chef/Owner of a nice steakhouse called The Hydra. After a little correspondence I found out that he was looking for a sous chef and was willing to fly me there to try it out. Well, this has always been one of my ambitions, but not having any formal training in that way (i.e. culinary school or apprenticeship), so this opportunity seemed to come out of nowhere, I was only expecting employment as a regular cook.

So everything went well, it seems like nice atmosphere to work in and the menu is great. I spent some time trying to find a rental for us, something for just a month or two, as I cannot get financing to buy in the area until I have worked for thirty days.

The job should be a good fit for me and the owner thinks so as well, so now I only have to talk this over with the family and we should be moving very soon. My only hope is that something will turn up in the housing department before we arrive as it seems to cool for long-term camping.

And for anyone interested in looking at the menu that I will be working with soon, I have a link here. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looking Down on the Rockies

As I sit here the majestic Rockies pop into view. I am on an airplane flying from Albuquerque to Denver and from there to Spokane. It is a bit new to me. The last time I was on a plane was about fifteen years ago and now I am here in the air again, only this time I have a laptop that I am typing this out on, and I will be able to upload it while at the airport. At the same time I am listening to my friend Ian’s mix Synthetic Opera Vol I. It is very inspiring to see the mountains out there, wondering exactly where that little area of the San Juans I know so well is. I have forgotten how things look from upon high and it is inspiring, it even makes New Mexico look nice.

Anyhow, my reason for this flight is that I am going to try out for a new job up in Sandpoint Idaho. I do not really want to write about the specifics of it yet, but I will say that it consists of real chef-type duties again. It is something that I love to do and while it has been a few years since I have used these abilities, I find that I am pretty confident of them returning easily. Besides at home, my only real kitchen work these last couple years has been making tacos and their ilk. (NO, not taco bell. Real made to order tacos with fresh ingredients!) If it all works out and they like me, then, we should be moving soon. If it doesn’t, well, we will cross that bridge if we come to it.

As I am looking out at the Front Range I am also reminded of how many mountains I have not and never will climb. Well we are approaching now and I must end this little blog. More to come later.

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