Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Newest Member

Thalia recently had a birthday turning eight years old. We had seen some kittens at a friends house a few weeks previous, and ever since then the days were liberally peppered with "Can I please have a kitten? Please?", and with an almost equal dose of "No, I don't think so, we're not ready for another cat right now." kinda talk. But after many discussions with Dawn we decided that she was ready to do the whole resposibility thing. So a few days after her birthday and the day before her party we went out and let her pick out a kitten.
In this picture you can't really see the kitten, but you can see Thalia's expression of joy with her new friend.
So after almost a full day of having her she decided to name the kitten Elizibeth because for some reason that I have not yet seen "She reminds me of Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice". How cute is that?
Well anyhow here are some more photos of little Lizzy and a proud new mother.


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